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Wiring, Infrastructure & Design

Custom Design

New construction, Remodel, Expansion, Site Refresh, or Introduction of New Technology.  Mytec provides custom infrastructure engineering to fit your needs with an eye toward the future for a clean, modern, professional and polished presentation.

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New Construction or Remodel

We offer everything your new dental practice needs for buildout or remodeling from hardware such as servers, workstations, firewalls, and switches, to phones, internet service, Wi-Fi, printers, scanners, patient entertainment, and the cabling to connect it all together, to the overhead sound and security camera system.  We work with your construction cycle to make sure from beginning to end the result is what is expected and desired.


Streamlined Functionality

High-speed, efficient and reliable networks, optimal equipment and user functionality, ergonomic placement of treatment room equipment - these are all considerations during the design phase of any project to insure that all data, electrical and structural support are taken into consideration during the construction phase.


Additions & Expansions

Whether filling out previously unused rooms, taking over the suite next door, bumping out building to add rooms, or tearing down a single wall, it is important to have a smooth integration between existing and new equipment.  We ensure network uptime and continuity between old and new infrastructure to best meet new and future needs.



With hundreds of new construction, remodel, and expansion projects under our belt, we have a proven design and implementation methodology to work independently or in conjunction with your project manager to make your project run smoothly. 

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Special Projects

Acquiring additional practices, opening satellite locations, upgrading to 3D, migrating practice management, converting to cloud, let Mytec's experience in all of these special projects provide you with guidance on how to make each of your goals successful, what considerations should be made, and where risks exist that need to be mitigated.  Planning and knowledge are key growth.

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