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 Dental CBCT

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Mytec understands the demands of the modern dental office. Checking patients in and out should be quick and smooth. Capturing XRAYs, PANOs and CBCTs should be quick and available anywhere on the network instantly. CBCTs place an additional strain on the network due to the size of the images and the need to render and manipulate these images quickly in order for the doctor to analyze and make a diagnoses. In oral surgery or endodontic procedures the patient is often sedated and time is even more critical. When a network is designed and built with these challenges in mind, information and images are at your fingertips without delay.


Once an office has moved from paper charts and XRAY film the need for a reliable network, computer systems and digital XRAY equipment is critical. Reliability through redundancy and the highest grade components are key. All data and diagnostic images must immediately be duplicated which is also know as "mirroring", both local and cloud backups should be completed daily and monitored proactively. Critical systems such as practice management and imaging servers should be monitored and maintained at the highest level. At Mytec we utilize the highest grade business class servers and network components and monitor critical systems to proactively to insure our clients can maintain a "99.9 uptime".


A dental practice has an additional responsibility to protect patient data from loss due to equipment failure or --as has become more common--an attack from the internet. HIPAA compliance related to unauthorized access and protection of this data is critical. Breaches to access to patient information can come from inside and outside your practice. The first step is insuring you have a proper "Firewall or Perimeter device to block unwanted access from the internet. Secondarily proper security measures must be implemented internally to prevent unauthorized access to patient health information intentionally or even casually.

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Our vision - world-class dental IT consulting, design, and support. A true strategic partnership with our clients allowing them to focus on their patients, and providing the best possible dental care while achieving their business goals without interruption due to network or computer related issues. When it comes to service we strive to always have a real person answer the phone when you need help fast and resolve our clients issues quickly and professionally. Our goal is a 99.9% uptime for all our clients no matter how big or how small. 


Mytec utilizes the latest hardware and software solutions available with a focus on redundancy in key areas, and protection and security of all patient data. To that effect we partner with only the best of breed in the EHR and digital radiography arena.


Here at Mytec we have been converting dental offices to digital health records (EHR)  and digital radiography since 1997. We are partnered with many of the leading practice management and digital XRAY equipment manufacturers in the country. Our entire focus is dental technology and the support of clinics ranging in size from 4 to 30 operatories.     

new clinic design

Mytec works directly with our clients, along with their architects and contractors to combine digital technology solutions and ergonomics into the design of their new clinics.

Many key components must be considered in the design of a new dental clinic to insure the optimum functionality and ergonomic placement of equipment in the treatment room. These considerations are critical during the design phase to insure that all data electrical and structural support are taken into consideration during the construction phase.


The location, height and functionality of the primary diagnostic monitor used by the doctor to view XRAYs and CTs and patient view TV / monitors are important design considerations that help insure a ergonomically functional and comfortable operatory.


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