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Technology Services for the Modern Dental Office.

Providing Managed and On-Demand IT Services specifically designed for dental practices.  

Our Services

Our Services

At Mytec Services, we offer a wide range of IT services to meet the unique needs of dental practices. Our services include:

Imaging & Software Integration

Our expertise with  integration of your imaging equipment and software systems helps you care for your patients and improves your workflow.  Certified for installation and service on the top CBCT equipment.

Managed Services (MSA)

Designed specifically to support Dental Practices. HIPAA Compliant, right-sized technology hygiene, maintenance, and support for your practice.  Our MSA programs take care of your equipment so you can take care of your patients.

Data Backup & Recovery

Protect the most critical element of your practice. We understand the importance of keeping your practice up and running, even in the event of a disaster. That's why we offer disaster recovery solutions to ensure that your data is always safe and accessible.

Phone Systems

Our cloud-based phone systems are convenient, economical and customizable for single or multi-office practices.  Scalable and flexible at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service.

Network Solutions
- Cloud or Server

Comprehensive network solutions & support, including both server-based and cloud-based options to ensure your practice is always connected and secure.

Are you cloud-ready?


Reliable internet connectivity means having both a primary and failover internet source.  Better service and more options, from Business Fiber to 5G, let Mytec help you keep your practice connected at all times.

What we do

Unlike most IT providers, we understand the unique needs of the dental industry and provide services specifically designed to better your practice. We ONLY work within the dental community. 


Mytec understands the unique needs of modern dental offices, from the days of paper charts, to digital health records, to the future of cloud platforms.  We know that checking patients in and out should be quick and seamless, and that capturing XRAYs, PANOs, and CBCTs should be fast and easily accessible from anywhere on the network. We also recognize that CBCTs can place an additional strain on the network due to the size of the images and the need to render and manipulate them quickly for accurate diagnoses. That's why we design and build networks with these challenges in mind and an eye always on the future, ensuring that information and images are always available without delay, even in critical situations such as oral surgery or endodontic procedures.


Constant connectivity both internally and to the internet is needed in today's dental clinic environment whether using cloud-based software or server-based. Efficiency, quality of treatment, and profitability depend on your technology - devices, network, computers, and software working together seamlessly and without interruption.  The days of paper charts and X-RAY film are behind us, and the need for a reliable network, dependable computer systems, digital X-RAY equipment and devices is critical. Reliability through redundancy and the highest grade components are key. All data and diagnostic images must immediately be duplicated which is also know as "mirroring", both local and cloud backups should be completed daily and monitored proactively. Critical systems such as practice management and imaging servers should be monitored and maintained at the highest level. Fully Cloud-Based?  All the more reason for dependable network and equipment.  At Mytec we utilize the highest grade business class servers and network components and monitor critical systems to proactively to insure our clients can maintain a "99.9 uptime".  


A dental practice has an additional responsibility to protect patient data from loss due to equipment failure or --as has become more common--an attack from the internet. HIPAA compliance related to unauthorized access and protection of this data is critical. Breaches to access to patient information can come from inside and outside your practice. The first step is insuring you have a proper "Firewall or Perimeter device to block unwanted access from the internet. Secondarily proper security measures must be implemented internally to prevent unauthorized access to patient health information intentionally or even casually.


Mytec was one of the first IT companies to help Dental practices convert to digital health records (EHR) and digital radiography as early as 1997.  Not your typical IT services company, our experience supporting the ever-evolving IT needs for dental practices makes Mytec the ideal partner to help you achieve your goals.  Partnering with many of the leading Practice Management and Digital X-Ray equipment Manufacturers in the country, our entire focus is on serving Dental Clinics and their technology - supporting clinics from 4 to 40 operatories.

World-class dental IT consulting, design, and support. In an every-evolving technology and cloud-based landscape, Mytec is a true strategic partner allowing our clients to focus on their patients, and providing the best possible dental care while achieving their business goals without interruption due to network, computer, or connectivity-related issues. When it comes to service we provide proactive solutions and strive to always have a real person answer the phone when you need help fast to resolve issues quickly and professionally. Our goal is a 99.9% uptime for all our clients no matter how big or how small. 


Ready to find out more?

Contact Mytec Services today to learn more about how we can help your dental practice succeed with our expert IT solutions.

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